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Podcast – Ep 003: How to Communicate What You Do Like A Pro!

by | May 9, 2017 | Podcast

The truth is that we ALL have a message and story to share. We want to be heard, we want to connect, and we want our message to make an impactful impression.

Unfortunately, many of us can miss the boat with or communication—and this happens way too often.

How does this happen?

We get “by my stuff” syndrome. We try and take our audience from A-Z too quickly. Maybe you have seen others promote their content and features without establishing any connection first.

I’ll be the first to say that I have personally struggled with this. Since I’m extremely “A type” I like to get straight to the point!

However, just like anything there is a process, and if there is one thing I know about success it is that it has order.

I’d love to share some ideas that can really change perspective and even share a framework you can use in your content that will significantly improve your connection.

So here is my first question for you to help you connect with you audience better.

What are the aspirations of your audience? What do they really want?

When most people try and connect to their audiences aspirations they often use words that don’t resonate with the mind.

For example, most coaches say, “I can help you live a fulfilled life by helping you find your passion”.

Or if you are in finances you might say you help people become “financially free”.

Other than the fact these statements are too generic, the reality is that it’s a lie.

You are not a superhero that can solve every aspect of that person’s life. There are too many variables outside of your control to help them reach goals like that. Internally the “doubt radar” or what I’d like to call the “b.s. radar” goes off and the mind can not compute such a big result.

Instead, connect with your audiences realistic expectations.

For example, if you are a coach you might say, “I help people increase their productivity, identify hidden obstacles that hold them back from success, and give them direct accountability to do the activities that lead to results.”

If you are in finances you might say, “I help people lay out a financial roadmap that will give you clarity on financial goals and give you a strategy to bring in a good rate of return through proven investment strategies.”

Now the mind can understand and resonate with the result because you are providing a clear outcome that your audience aspires to have.

In the same way you want to elaborate clearly on your audiences struggles.

What are your audience’s biggest fears?

You want to connect with their irrational fears and struggles.

For example, if you are promoting a weight loss program you might say, “Imagine not having to feel insecure about being in a bikini worried if others will make comments behind your back as you walk by,”

Now, the audience can connect to that experience and feel that you are speaking directly to them!

Most rookies, will say things like, “Are you struggling with weight loss? Then try my product.”

The truth is that people feel compelled to follow people who understand them. Be specific with your communication and watch how your audience will respond.

How do you relate to their struggles and lead them out with your product or service?

After establishing connection to the fears and aspirations of your audience, make sure you share personal experiences that show them you can relate. Then follow up with how you got out of the situation and into results with your product or program.

So the process should look like this:

You connect with their aspirations

You connect with their fears

You relate to their problems

You share how you found your way out

You lead them to the solution with your services.

Now you are selling in the right order and your audience will become more receptive.

Try this next blog, video, or post you make and you’ll notice a big difference in conversions.


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