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Social Selling and Pre-Launch Strategies

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Live Webinar Formula

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High-Ticket Product Creation Strategy

How to Launch Your First Live Event


Writing Copy that Converts

Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Influencer Advertising Strategy

Meet Rachel

Rachel began with only an idea to help people become emotionally healthy. No business experience, no social following, no credibility, no product…just and idea.

We built her brand (, create her online program from scratch (Miracle Mind Mastery), helped her grow an audience of 2,000 followers on Instagram in just 30 days and we helped her launch her program. In her very first launch, Rachel made 5k.

Today, Rachel is a best-selling author of the book called, “Life Beginning” and the CEO of Miracle Mind Mastery.

She is a Mom of 4 boys and is now able to build a lucrative online business, which allows her to be at home with her boys. A dream come true and it’s only the beginning for Rachel.

It all began in our dream factory.

*197 $97/mo

Exclusive 24 hour offer.

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Meet Tony

Although Tony was having success selling his trainings, he was frustrated because he couldn’t scale his business. If he wasn’t physically there doing a workshop he wasn’t getting paid.

So he came into the Business Club Academy and we helped him create and launch his first online program called, “Success is the Movement”.

Tony made over $33,000 in 90 days with his program utilizing the marketing strategies we provided in his online course launch.

He was able to scale his service and serve people across Mexico and U.S. through his trainings…. all from his laptop.

Tony quickly made his investment back and more. He is now a happy Business Club Academy Student.

*197 $97/mo

Exclusive 24 hour offer.

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Automated Selling


Creating Winning Social Campaigns

Audience Engagement Growth

Articulating Your Message

Creating Another Technique

Meet Rhona

Came to The Business Club Academy with a desired to help empower people to live their best life through an online program.

Rhona went through our online course and social launch program. We helped Rhona grow her audience to over 10,000 followers in just a few short months.

We helped her create her “Personal Power University” online course.

In Rhona’s first month launching, she made $14,000 in sales and now has grown to over 14,000 followers on her Instagram, while her numbers continue to rise.

Rhona has reached her goals and is exceeding what she thought possible every day. Simply, out of an idea, our team and resources have allowed Rhona to live life to the fullness of her potential. We helped Rhona turn her idea into a reality.

*197 $97/mo

Exclusive 24 hour offer.

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You’ve got 2 choices here…

You could keep trying to figure all of this stuff out on your own (which often takes even the most hard-working and intelligent people years to do).


You could steal my strategies and get massive results in a matter of weeks.

Think about where you want to be six months from now…or even ONE month from now.

Do you have a proven plan to get there?

You can use the step-by-step process I teach in Master Access to help you achieve your traffic and audience – achieving goals faster than you thought was possible.

What will you choose?

Now, who is this Master Access online strategy expert that created this program?

Hey there, Im Adam Flores. I lead an ever-growing community where I help business owners and online entrepreneurs grow their tribes and earn a full-time income online.

But things weren’t always so sweet, trust me. Back when I started in business, I was a server at Applebee’s, with hopes of using business as a tool to retire my single mom working 3 jobs. After failing in business for 7 years, and I mean failing as in I hadn’t made not one cent  — I knew something had to change. I decided to try just one last business venture, and with the strategies I discovered and teach in this very course I was able to take that business to over a million dollars in sales.

Since implementing my online strategies I have been able to launch and sustain a thriving online business that has not only given me results, but has help my clients make thousand of dollars within just months of using my strategies, yup I said months.

So even if you’re new to online marketing, or have no idea how to grow your business online, Master Access will become the online academy that changes everything for you.

It’s Your Time To Do Big Things

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